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About Us

JAM recording studios was set up in 1993 by two brothers, James and Martin Quinn. The studio was initially a project studio and the home of Irish band Little Palace. But it didn't take long until bands and music people in the area started to want to use it commercially.

At this time the notion of a mid sized studio, providing quality recording facilities at a low price, was a new idea – emerging from the extravagant and expensive multimillion dollar studios in use in the 1980’s.

JAM studios focus is about a high end product but provided as economically as possible in todays climate of music industry flux.

In 2001, Martin began to focus on the building of the JAM Studios brand and improving the most important areas of the studio & equipment. As well as the usual Protools setup, the Analog Digital converters were chosen to be IZ RADAR/ADA, which are renowned for their analog-like sound: sweet at the top end and warm and fat at the lower end and the more creative studio tool Cubase became the centrepoint

By 2002 Martin and James’s brother, Andrew Quinn, was emerging as a major talent on Drums. He became the in-house session drummer of choice for the studio and still is today. His drumming is characterized by his deft flexibility in any style, his servitude to what’s best for the song, his impeccable timing across the metronome, perfect striking (bringing out a great sound to capture), and his great sense of humor.

Over the years we have seen many bands and solo acts come through the studio and go on to have great success. To mention a few, Irish band Ham Sandwich and ‘ Aine Cahil’ .