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Band Recording

Full Production and Recording in One Place

Top Quality Equipment, Great Sounding Rooms and Comfortable Facilities for your Band.

When choosing a studio for a band it's important to do your homework. Check if that studio has a high end recording chain for your music. Any weak link in that chain means that your performance will not be captured at optimum quality. Below is a typical studio signal flow diagram:

As you would expect, JAM Studios provides a choice of a world-class collection microphones (Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Audio Technica etc) and mic preamps (Neve, API, RND, Focusrite, Great River etc), world class Analog to Digital converters (IZ ADA II) and acoustically treated rooms, tweaked and optimised over 20 years, to achieve top-drawer sounds. Our monitors are mastering grade PMC-TwoTwo8s with Focal Sub-woofer. Read Our Equipment List.


At your disposal is a collection of top class electric guitars and amps, as well as many top of the line acoustic instruments. Importantly you will get an experienced music producer, Martin Quinn, on your session. He has amassed over 20 years experience in music production, musicianship and sound engineering. When it comes to mixing your project Martin prides himself on extreme attention to detail and an audio obsession to make a mix as good as it can be.


Some Common Band Questions

  • "We need someone to take the reigns, guide performances, address issues and make decisions - but can't afford to hire a studio, engineer AND Producer? "

    . . . Martin provides Engineering, Production and Musician services as part of the standard studio rate.

  • "We are a guitar band but we think we want extras on our music such as Synths, Piano and electronic elements. But our budget is tight"

    . . . Martin is a pro session musician and will offer to perform any extra musician duties you require as part of the standard studio rate.

  • "We have been disappointed with drum sounds in studios in the past"

    . . . We've spent a lot of time and money putting together great house drums, mics and pres and also tuning the drum room. Our drum recording is top drawer.

  • "We think the sound of Real Strings or Orchestra on our music would make it great."

    . . . No Problem. Firstly we play in sample strings so you get an idea of what the final arrangement will be. Then we notate those arrangements for real players to read. Finally we arrange a small string section at JAM Studios or for something larger we can remotely record larger string sessions in Ireland or in Europe. We will cost this on a project by project basis for you.

  • "Whats Mastering? "

    . . . Very common question! Mastering is the final process before CD duplication, Vinyl, or digital distribution (Spotify etc.) to optimise your music for the intended format. Its the sequencing and balancing of a compilation of music.