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Take Your Track To The Next Level


Pro Mixing Services by top Irish Engineer Producer Martin Quinn

Audio Mixing Services by Mix Engineer Martin Quinn covering All Genres and to Suit Every Budget.

Due to the availability of home recording equipment, many artists now take the tracking of their music into their own hands. o

Most often though it takes a professional expertise and tools to take that recording and make the best it can be at mix time.

What can we repair at the Mix Stage?

  • Pitch correct vocals and lead instruments
  • Repair timing issues
  • Clean up noise
  • Add ambience to dry recordings
  • Surgically remove resonances from recordings in bad rooms, etc...
  • Add extra instrument performances instruments to songs
  • Retrigger or augment your sounds with our massive sample library

We have invested in the cutting edge software that can cure problems with amateur recordings in sympathy with the practice. Most importantly, we have thousands of mixing hours under our belts and can bring out the best of any recording.


When sending material for mixing please prepare it to the following specification:

  • There are many different recording formats these days and the most foolproof way to make different systems compatible is to export continuous WAV files from the start of the song (starting at 0 seconds) to the end of the song. This means that when those files are brought into another recording system they will all be in sync
  • Before exporting all plugins should be disabled. Its preferable to recieve unprocessed tracks. This is with the exception of plugins that are creating special effects you want in the song
  • Virtual instruments should be rendered to a WAV audio file.We may not have the same Virtual Instruments in our system.
  • Tracks should be clearly labelled (it will take longer to mix a song that containts 100 WAV files called Audio 1, Audio 2, Audio 3 etc)
  • All files should be at the same Sample Rate (44.1khz, 48khz or 96khz)
  • If you are about to record the material yourself please take the following into account: If recording a drumkit please try to record some room mic tracks, Make sure instruments are in tune before every take. Check intonation up and down the neck of stringed instruments.Dont position your mics too close to an acoustic instrument such as an acoustic guitar unless you want a very boomy and resonant sound. Experiment with the best position.Dont clip your recordings. Dont aim to hit the roof with the meters.. If you dont overload your mics and pres we will have best chance getting decent mix results.
    Dont gloss over lead vocals. Vocals are THE most important part of any modern track. Spend as much time as possible getting good takes. If your recording at home you have all the time in the world!